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Frenchy, going after a bad guy who thought he was safe IN a hanger.

  "Ghostly JU88" A fine shot of a JU88 trying to get away in the clouds.  
  Frenchy, after taking the tip of the wing off of a Germany bomber   LilMak limping home on a wing and a half  
  A few of the guys "Looking for Trouble" after gifting the base with a few bombs   Mangyn, finishing off a foe in the vertical.  
  Mangyn, saving Yucca's bacon.   Rocket kill on a B29  
  A Patriotic skin.   Direct Hit!  
YouTube Videos
  Zeno"s Warbirds Videos is an amazing site with many WWII related videos. This is one of our favorites as it pertains to P47s. This video show the assembly of a P47 in the field with nothing but manpower and normal tools.  
  Here's a great move. Not something that could help in a fight, but it looks impressive!