22 March  2018 - BeeLowK Joins the squad

4 February 2018 - Silent6 won two rounds in the KOTH tournament (was the "Rabbit")

5 November 2017 - Added AAR (after action reports) to FSO page to bring out more of what went on in that weeks FSO. As we all know the number don't always tell the tail!

5 November 2017 -Added a new Training video to the video page. "LilMak" does a turn explaining how he goes about divebombing in a P47-D40.

17 September 2017- AMMO announced that he will step down as CO of the 56thFG due to lack of time to devote to the game and squad. LilMak will take over the reigns of leadership and reform the squad as soon as Ammo closes it out. A big "Thanks" goes out to Ammo for all he has done for the squad and the rest of us look forward to LilMaks run at the helm!

September 2017- Posted August FSO totals

August 2017- Posted July FSO totals

July 2017- Added a "favicon" picture to have the 56th badge show up on the tabs as well as in the favorite saves.

July 2017- The web site has gone through a major overhaul. Nomde has taken some time off and Fugitive, with help from others has rebuilt most of the site. We hope to keep up to date here with any new news as well as on other pages with new info on the roster and Special Events page. Check back and lets us keep you up to date with whats going on with the 56th FG "Zemke's Wolfpack"!

October 26, 2013 -Have started updating the website to reflect the changes of late. Ammo has reformed the squad and we are active in Aces High after a 5 year absence. A big shout out and thanks goes to Ammo for everything.